Confess the Word


Words are God’s creative power working through you. You only possess what you profess. 28 min 30 sec

Meditate on the Word


Gain benefits and power by thinking about God’s Word daily. 28 min 30 sec

You Need to Keep Hearing the Word


Learn why you need to hear the Word of God throughout the week, and not only at church. 28 min 30 sec

Find the Title Deed to Your Need


Learn about claiming God’s promises for your life. 28 min 30 sec

Identify the Real Problem


Learn how to identify what is really hindering you from receiving answers to your prayers. 28 min 30 sec

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others


Stop comparing yourself to others and be the person God made you to be. 28 min 30 sec

The Python Spirit Part 4: Create an Atmosphere of Praise


Learn how to kick the devil out of your life. 28 min 30 sec

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