The Rest of God

Pastor Lorenzo delivers a powerful message on what it means to be still and know God. 28 min 30 sec

The Possession of the Church

Learn what gifts God has given the church and why they are the keys to living in victory. 28 min 30 sec

Jesus’ Name Rules Three Worlds

Which worlds does Jesus’ name have power over? 28 min 32 sec

The Authority in the Name

What kind of power is there in the name of Jesus? What does this mean for believers? 28 min 30 sec


Learn how to fight a sin rarely talked about in churches. 28 min 30 sec

God’s Never Late


When time feels like it is running out, hold fast to the hope God provides. 28 min 30 sec

Develop the Force of Patience


Learn about God’s timing and why it is important to wait on Him. 28 min 30 sec

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