Don’t Let Fear Sink You

Bishop Brown explains how fear can affect your life in a negative way

Timeeframe 28 min 30 sec

Angels On Assignment

Bishop Brown explains that we all have Angels and how to they can help us

Timeframe 28 min 30 sec

God Delivers You From Fear

Bishop Brown explains how God doesn’t just take the fear away from us but how he delivers us from it.

You Are Anointed

Bishop Brown explains that we are anointed and tells us why

When God Puts You Through Fire

Bishop Brown explains why sometimes God will put us through fire instead of taking us out

28 Min 30 Sec

Money Chases You

Bishop Brown explains how in order to receive money you have to make it chase you and not the other way around

Timeframe 28 min 30 sec

Prophesy Your Future & Healing

Bishop Brown goes in depth on how in order for your prayers to be answered you must speak them and prophesy them as if they have already occurred

Timeframe 28 min 30 Seconds

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